Sussex County

Sussex County is Delaware's southernmost county, with a 2005 population estimate of roughly 176,000. Over the last decade Sussex has experienced a housing boom, with more people moving into the county than being born there. This caused a 250% increase in housing and real estate prices over the period 1995 to 2005. Sussex is also home to many of Delaware's most exciting beach communities, including Bethany Beach, Bethel, Dewey Beach, and Rehoboth Beach. Sussex is also home to the Sussex County Economic Development Office.

The goal of the Sussex County Economic Development Office is to create a higher quality of life for the residents of Sussex County by

  • Promoting the elimination of unemployment, poverty, and sub-standard housing, by attracting new businesses, encouraging expansion of existing businesses, and by expanding the resources of this office to accomplish this task.
  • To evaluate educational standards, and skills needed to provide employment for businesses, and to participate with educators in programs designated to improve the quality of educational skills in Sussex County.

Visit the Sussex County Economic Development Office for more information.

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