About the FSI Angel Network

What’s Different About First State Innovation, compared to other Angel Investment Groups?

  • If you’re new to Angel Investing, check out the “Suitability” section first.
  • FSI’s network of Angels is an informal group of 230 high net worth individuals.
  • 85% of FSI’s Angels are based in DE., The other 15% are in the DE Valley Region.
  • FSI Angel network has only two requirements for joining its network:
    • Can write a check for minimum of $25,000 in a deal.
    • Is an Accredited Angel Investor, and can write a check for a minimum of $25,000 in a deal.
  • FSI’s Angel Network does not pool it’s funds.  Each Angel decides what deals to invest in.
  • Joining FSI’s Angel network does not require any fees or upfront investment.
  • FSI does not endorse or recommend companies to invest in.
  • FSI invests in staff, events, and venues to communicate deals that should be of interest to its Angel Network.
  • FSI’s Angel network has a broad and diverse technology-based background, split roughly into these focus areas:
    • Biotechnology & Life Sciences
    • Advanced Materials
    • Information Technology
    • Nanotechnology
    • Financial Services
    • Supporting Infrastructure

Disclaimer: FSI acts only as a "finder" and not as a solicitor. FSI only makes introductions. FSI has not and will not participate in the solicitation, negotiation or execution of any investment opportunity. FSI is not a broker-dealer or investment adviser and is not registered as such with any securities regulator and will not be paid a brokerage commission for its services. FSI makes no representation, warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, completeness, reliability of any material supplied by the companies to which a prospective investor may be introduced. Prospective investors must deal directly with the companies and parties to which they may be introduced and make their own investigations of the pertinent facts relating to the operation and prospects of each company.