Angel Investor FAQs

Q.  How do I know if I meet the SEC’s formal definition of an “accredited” investor?
A.  One of the main requirements for becoming an accredited investor is to complete an Angel Investor Disclosure Form. These forms are available if you are acting as an individual, or as an entity. We provide these forms for download on our Angels Resource Page.

Q.  Are there any fees to participate?
A.  We currently do not require Angel Investors to pay a fee to participate.

Q.  How does FSI afford to put on these events and offer this Angel organization service?
A.  FSI is a non-profit 501c3 corp., which has raised money from regional sponsors ranging from public, private and foundation funds to the Federal Govt.  We manage this budget like any other corp. and decide where to invest it in order to make the highest value impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem.  Please tell us your ideas!

Q.  What if I want to find and communicate with other Angles in FSI’s Network?  Can I do this?
A.  Stay tuned.  We are adding this feature to our web site.  Please note that there can be NO SOLICITATION for business services when this is offered – only for the purpose of networking around specific deals.